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Abbott, Charles Lynton

This person is listed on the Young County Service Roster Page in the original mid-1940's publication, "Men and Women In The Armed Forces From Young County Texas". We did not find him located on the picture pages of the book. If you have more information or a picture of this veteran from Young County, please contact us using the "CONTACT" tab on the left hand side of this web page. Thank-you.

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Mr. Abbott was born in 1917, the son of the Rev. Normal Zachariah Abbott. He lived in Jean, TX and served in the Marines, with the First Amphibious Tractor Battalion during the second world war. (Sourced from service documents on

More information on the 1st Amphibious Tractor Battalion is online at:

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He passed away in 1977 and is interred at Throckmorton. His mother was Dazie Parsons Abbott.