Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

World War II

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Abbott, Charles Lynton
Abbott, Hugh Q.
Abbott, James E.
Abbott, Nathan Navy
Acker, Ray Allen
Acock, Thomas Marion Army
Acton, Robert W.
Adams, Charles Ray
Adams, Dewey A. Army
Adams, Henry H.
Adams, Homer H
Adams, James Calemon
Adams, James S. Army Air Corps
Adams, Weldon Q
Adkins, Ralph Marvin Navy
Adkins, Robert Edmond, Jr.
Adkins, Willard D.
Agnicala, Larenz F. Wm.
Ainsworth, Kenneth Navy
Akers, Frank Ray
Akers, J. R.
Akers, James Leroy Seabees
Alberto, Fay L.
Alberts, Ray Lloyd Army
Alberts, Steve Army
Albritain, Robert Holley
Alchley, Willis A
Alexander, Andrew Calvin Navy
Alexander, Calvin Darty, Jr.
Alexander, Ira Mitchell
Alexander, Obid
Alexander, Roland Jack
Alexander, Wilbur Leon
Alford, Donald S.
Allbritain, Robert H
Allcorn, Johnny Edward
Allen, Dalton Lee Army
Allen, Donnie Kirk Navy
Allen, Earnest Warkman
Allen, J. B. Army
Allen, Osa B. Navy
Allen, Walter Ervin Army
Allen, Walter F.
Allison, Doyle L
Allison, Harold Eugene
Allison, J. L.
Allison, Joseph Robert
Allison, Ruel Blake, Jr. Navy
Ames, John Edward
Anable, Alva L. Marines