Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.


Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Abbott, Nathan Navy
Adkins, Ralph Marvin Navy
Ainsworth, Kenneth Navy
Alberts, Jerry Navy
Alexander, Andrew Calvin Navy
Allen, Donnie Kirk Navy
Allen, Osa B. Navy
Allison, Ruel Blake, Jr. Navy
Andrew, Joe C. Navy
Atkinson, Chas. H. Navy
Ayres, Chilton Navy
Ayres, Chilton Navy
Baggett, Joe Navy
Barrett, Horace Wayne Navy
Beavers Daniels, Shannon Navy
Benedict, Cecil P. Navy
Bills, Donald Dean Navy
Bills, Jack Autrey Navy
Bills, James R., Jr. Navy
Blay, Alford Arthur Navy
Blay, Billy Joe Navy
Blevins, Hugh L. Navy
Bodien, Robert M. Navy
Boone, Harvey H. Navy
Botkin, Jack Vernon Navy
Botkin, Noble J. Navy
Boyd, Scotty Navy
Brock, Donald Ray Navy
Brock, Kenneth T. Navy
Brooks, Horace N. Navy
Brooks, Houston Basil Navy
Brooks, Lewis W., Jr. Navy
Brooks, Roy Duane Navy
Brooks, Travis Adrian Navy
Brown, James Gordon Navy
Brown, John Brooks Navy
Bryan, Pat, Jr. Navy
Bullard, Wilburn H. Navy
Burdick, Don H Navy
Burdick, Ray H. Navy
Burdick, Roy Clyatt Navy
Burke, Donald Ed Navy
Burton, William P. Navy
Bush, Howard Navy
Bush, Lowell E. Navy
Butler, Charles R. Navy
Butler, Joseph C., Jr. Navy
Caldwell, John W. Navy
Caldwell, Madison M. Navy
Calhoun, Bill Navy