Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.


Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Askew, Robert B. Army
Atchley, Glenn Howard Army Air Corps
Atkinson, Chas. H. Navy
Atwood, Jack Wilson SC
Avara, Joel G. Army Air Corps
Ayres, Chilton Navy
Bellomy, William B., Jr. AAF
Bills, Donald Dean Navy
Bills, James R., Jr. Navy
Black, Oliver Nathaniel Army Air Corps
Blalock, Edward J. Army
Blay, Alford Arthur Navy
Blay, Billy Joe Navy
Blevins, Hugh L. Navy
Blount, Willie Frank Army Air Corps
Bodien, Robert M. Navy
Boone, Giles Minchin Army Air Corps
Boozer, John N. Army Air Corps
Botkin, Bob Army
Brooks, Horace N. Navy
Bryan, Pat, Jr. Navy
Bullard, Wilburn H. Navy
Bullock, A. Ray Coast Guard
Bush, Fred A. Army
Bush, Henryetta Schuster Army
Butler, Joseph C., Jr. Navy
Byrd, George W. Army
Casburn, Richard W. Navy
Choate, Cyrus Benson Army
Choate, Thomas Medlan Army Air Corps
Cook, Harrell Franklin Navy
Cook, Troy Travis Navy
Cusenbary, Edwin C. Army Air Corps
Dalton, John R. Army
Deaver, Harold A. Navy
Dickson, Leonard A. Army Air Corps
Dickson, Q'Zella WAC
Downey, Hollis Edwin Army Air Corps
Easterling, Creston C. Army Air Corps
Edwards, Allen O. Army Air Corps
Foley, Gladys WAC
Foley, Glen W. Army
Foley, John E. Army
Fulbright, Jack, W. Navy
Furr, Ellis E. Army Air Corps
Gardenhire, John A. Army
Garvey, John B. Army
Gibbs, George F. Marines
Goodloe, Robert E. Army
Gracey, Vernon O. Army