Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Philippine Lib. Ribbon

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Allen, Osa B. Navy
Ashley, Arthur Edward Army
Ashley, Irvan H Army
Askew, Robert B. Army
Ballard, James M. Army
Barnett, James E. Army
Blalock, Edward J. Army
Blay, Alford Arthur Navy
Blay, Billy Joe Navy
Blevins, Hugh L. Navy
Bodien, Robert M. Navy
Boldt, Clarence Edwin Marines
Botkin, Clifford C. Army
Brooks, Houston Basil Navy
Bryan, Pat, Jr. Navy
Burdick, Roy Clyatt Navy
Bush, Fred A. Army
Butler, Joseph C., Jr. Navy
Choate, Horace S. Army
Clark, John S. Army Air Corps
Clay, Joe Shelby Navy
Cochran, Charles E. Army
Cole, Charles O. Navy
Cooper, Kenneth B. Army
Cooper, William Thomas Army
Cope, Orville A., Jr. Army Air Corps
Cope, Ruel Ross Army Air Corps
Cox, Herman Haskell Army
Cox, Thurman Paskell Army
Crutcher, William Earl Army
Dunagan, Freddie Joe Navy
Edwards, Allen O. Army Air Corps
Fisher, Wilson P. Navy
Freeze, Earl Army
Furr, Ellis E. Army Air Corps
Gardenhire, John A. Army
Gathings, Virgil Henry Army
Gracey, Vernon O. Army
Graham, Jack Army
Grimes, J. B. Navy
Grove, Samuel Lindsey Navy
Groves, Robert W. Army Air Corps
Hawley, James L. Navy
Hearne, Sidney T., Jr. Army
Heighten, Jake Army Air Corps
Holbrook, John P. Army
Holder, Clyde Cecil Army
Hutchings, Louis R. AAF
Jackson, Boyd B. Army
Joiner, Phil M. Army