Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Am. Theatre Ribbon

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Allen, Donnie Kirk Navy
Allen, Osa B. Navy
Anable, Lawrence Ray Army
Andrews, Clifford H. Army
Andrews, Elbert S. Army
Ashley, Alonzo H. Army Air Corps
Ashley, Irvan H Army
Biggers, Elmer C. Army
Bramlet, Henry M., Jr. Army
Bridges, Zearl McKinney AAF
Carney, Jess K.
Cochran, Charles E. Army
Cole, Gerald Ray Army Air Corps
Cole, Joe E. Army Air Corps
Cook, Alford C. Navy
Cook, Charlie V. Army Air Corps
Cook, Lonnie B. Navy
Cornish, Lionel R. Army
Cox, Horace R. Army
Crabb, Omar T. Army
Crabb, Orlan Army
Creel, Gene Army
Creel, Walter T. Army
Cumbie, William Ray Navy
Dougless, Wilburn G. Army
Duggan, Hugh Henry Navy
Dunagan, Freddie Joe Navy
Dunagan, Laval Army Air Corps
Dunn, Homer I. Navy
Gough, Charles Otis Navy
Gowens, Truman Army
Gowens, William Rex Army
Graham, Gerald M. Army Air Corps
Grubbs, Lee Roy Navy
Haley, John Hiram Army Air Corps
Hardy, Charles D. Army
Harrell, Paul A. Army
Harrell, Weldon J. Army Air Corps
Harrell, William E. AAF
Harris, William P. Army Air Corps
Harty, William E. Army Air Corps
Hyatt, Olen Army
Jones, Samuel Eugene Navy
Kee, Alfred, Jr. Army
Kunkel, Oscab M. Army
Larimore, Luther C. Army
Larimore, Philip N. Army Air Corps
Lunn, Rolla Bernard Army Air Corps
Martin, John W. Navy
Martin, Royce Jr. AAF