Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Army Dist. Unit Cit.

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Benedict, Cecil P. Navy
Bridges, Zearl McKinney AAF
Bullock, Jack Crittendon Army Air Corps
Calhoun, Jonnie V Army
Clinton, Fred T. Army
Cole, John T. Army
Graves, Horace E. Army
Hamilton, David Andrew Army
Heighten, Jake Army Air Corps
Johnson, John D. Army
Jones, Wallace E. Army
Larimore, Philip N. Army Air Corps
Lowe, Gene D. AAF
Martin, Joseph W. Army
McGee, Billy N. Army Air Corps
McGee, Wilbert Don Army Air Corps
Myers, Frank F. Army
Nall, Rex D. Army
Nantz, Johnny Army
Ragsdale, Charles, R., Jr. Army
Ramzy, Avery P. Army
Scobee, Glen E. Army Air Corps
Scobee, Oland B. Army Air Corps
Shepard, W. B. Army
Sullivan, Andrew J. Army Air Corps
Swain, Floyd S. Army
Timmons, Otwell D. Army
Wadley, Estes J. AAF