Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.


Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Acock, Thomas Marion Army
Adams, Dewey A. Army
Alberts, Ray Lloyd Army
Alberts, Steve Army
Allen, Dalton Lee Army
Allen, J. B. Army
Allen, Walter Ervin Army
Anable, Lawrence Ray Army
Andrew, Horace E. Army
Andrews, Arthell W. Army
Andrews, Clifford H. Army
Andrews, Elbert S. Army
Andrews, Harold Ray Army
Andrews, Thelbert W. Army
Armstrong, J. W. Army
Ashley, Arthur Edward Army
Ashley, Irvan H Army
Ashley, Perry E Army
Askew, Robert B. Army
Baker, Benny H. Army
Baker, Bruce E. Army
Baker, Grady E. Army
Baker, Louis Army
Ballard, James M. Army
Ballew, Clifford H. Army
Barfield, Weldon P. Army
Barnett, James E. Army
Barnett, Oman Army
Barnhart, Harvey Army
Barron, William Adrian Army
Bates, Bruce E. Army
Baynes, Dick E. Army
Bear, Hibert L. Army
Beasley, Roy Allen Army
Beckham, Caswell Blakely Army
Bennett, Robert L. Army
Bernhardt, Alvin H. Army
Bernhardt, Johnnie A. Army
Bernhardt, Louie Army
Bernhardt, Oscor H. Army
Biggers, Elmer C. Army
Billingsley, Monroe O. Army
Bills, Charles Ralph Army
Bills, Pat W. Army
Birch, W. P. Army
Bishop, Gilbert Harvey Army
Bishop, Robert C. Army
Black, Carl B. Army
Blair, Roy H. Army
Blalock, Edward J. Army