Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Bronze Star

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Barnett, James E. Army
Bellomy, William B., Jr. AAF
Bennett, Robert L. Army
Bernhardt, Louie Army
Biggers, Elmer C. Army
Billingsley, Monroe O. Army
Blount, C. R., Jr. Army
Blount, Willie Frank Army Air Corps
Boone, Joe H. Army
Botkin, Bob Army
Bowden, R. V. Army
Brady, Johnnie L. Army
Bramlet, Henry M., Jr. Army
Brashears, Robert Hulan Army
Bray, Joe T. Army
Bridges, Charles Earl AAF
Bridges, Weldon F
Bullock, Jack Crittendon Army Air Corps
Burch, Wiley P. Jr. Army Air Corps
Choate, Horace S. Army
Cole, Gerald Ray Army Air Corps
Cooper, Kenneth B. Army
Cox, Horace R. Army
Cox, Walter Andrew Navy
Cox, William Frank Army Air Corps
Crabb, Omar T. Army
Crabb, Orlan Army
Crutcher, William Earl Army
Dalrymple, Alfred T. (Jack) Army
Dalton, John R. Army
Dalton, Roy Lee Army
Davis, Lonnie O. Army Air Corps
Dickson, Clifford E. Army
Dougless, Wilburn G. Army
Drennan, Delbert E. Navy
Dunagan, Laval Army Air Corps
Edwards, Allen O. Army Air Corps
Freeze, Henry D. Army
Funderburg, George Navy
Furr, Ellis E. Army Air Corps
Gardenhire, John A. Army
Gilmer, Robert E. Army
Golden, Chester A. Army
Gore, William T. "Bill" Marines
Gracey, Vernon O. Army
Graham, Herman Miles Coast Guard
Gray, George P. Army
Grubbs, Cecil W. Army Air Corps
Hamilton, David Andrew Army
Harrell, Paul A. Army