Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Combat Inf. Badge

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Baker, Bruce E. Army
Ballew, Clifford H. Army
Black, Carl B. Army
Blalock, Edward J. Army
Blount, C. R., Jr. Army
Boyle, Nelson E. Army
Bray, Joe T. Army
Carter, James K. Army
Cole, John T. Army
Cooper, William Thomas Army
Cornell, Leonard M. Army
Crabb, Orlan Army
Fletcher, Clarence Army
Forehand, Gordon H. Army
Gathings, Virgil Henry Army
Golden, Chester A. Army
Hannis, Will Morris, Jr. Army
Hart, Hubert Army
Holbrook, John P. Army
Holder, Clyde Cecil Army
Hunt Ernest W. Army
Hutchison, Raymond Lee Army
Hyatt, Charles R. Army
Hyatt, Olen Army
Joiner, Phil M. Army
Jones, Gatlin T. Army
Jones, Johnie J. Army
Keathley, George D. Army
Keathley, Marlin A. Army
Kilpatrick, Ollie Reece Army
Kirtley, Burton L. Jr. Army
Krueger, Milton W. Army
Larimore, Luther C. Army
Lasater, Otis W. Army
Lewelling, Travis C. Army
Lowe, Walter B, Jr Army
Marsh, Willard F. Army
McClanahan, Roger Army
Miller, Roy N. Army Air Corps
Patton, Joe W. Army
Ragland, William E. Army
Richardson, Walter L. Army
Shepard, W. B. Army
Smith, Floyd W. Army
Swain, Walter H. Army
Wickham, Garland D. Army
Williams, Bobby Ray Army
Williams, Wesley W. Army