Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Overseas Bars

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Ashley, Alonzo H. Army Air Corps
Ashley, Irvan H Army
Atwood, Jack Wilson SC
Billingsley, Monroe O. Army
Bridges, Charles Earl AAF
Brumley, Lemul C. Army
Choate, Horace S. Army
Cox, H. L. Army
Cox, Horace R. Army
Dickson, Clifford E. Army
Dougless, Wilburn G. Army
Eaton, Arthur B. Army
Hair, Jess P. Army
Herring, Charles L. Army
Holbrook, John P. Army
Killian, Edward Stanley Army Air Corps
Kinser, Aud Army
Kunkel, Huebert A. Army
Kunkel, Oscab M. Army
Lewis, Hubert Army
Lisle, Paul Franklin Army
Lodes, Andrew C. Army
Lowrance, Meabon Leroy Army
Maxwell, Robert Louis Army
McWhorter, Roggie Orval Navy
Ribble, C. L. Army
Schittler, Henry William, III Army
Scobee, Glen E. Army Air Corps
Scobee, Oland B. Army Air Corps
Upham, Rupert L. Army