Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Purple Heart

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Allen, Walter Ervin Army
Aston, Samuel M. Army Air Corps
Ballard, Bethel E. Marines
Barron, William Adrian Army
Beckham, Caswell Blakely Army
Bernhardt, Louie Army
Bills, Charles Ralph Army
Bishop, Robert C. Army
Blount, C. R., Jr. Army
Brashears, Robert Hulan Army
Bray, Joe T. Army
Bridges, Weldon F
Brumley, James Walter Army
Brumley, Lemul C. Army
Bruton, William Lee Army
Burke, Merle R. Army
Butler, Clinton Army Air Corps
Carter, Woodrow W. Army
Clinton, P. M., Jr. Army
Cole, Chester L. Marines
Cook, Walter E. Army
Cooper, William Thomas Army
Cozart, Bobby Joe Army
Crabb, Omar T. Army
Crabb, Orlan Army
Dalton, Robert S. Army
Davis, Ruel Weldon Army
Deathloff, Herschel E."Slim" Army
Delong, Marshall Wayde Army
Dixon, Albert F. Army
Dixon, Melvin L Army
Eagan, Buford W. Army Air Corps
Fletcher, Clarence Army
Foreman, Haskell L. Army
Fowler, James E. Army
Freeze, Henry D. Army
Freeze, S. A. Army Air Corps
Golden, Chester A. Army
Grace, Larry E. Army
Graves, Elmo E. Marines
Gray, George P. Army
Hannis, Will Morris, Jr. Army
Herring, Charles L. Army
Higginbotham, Frederick R. Army Air Corps
Hollis, James Floyd, Jr. Army
Hull, Teddy Louis Navy
Hurst, M. J. Army
Hutchison, Raymond Lee Army
Hyatt, Charles R. Army
Jones, Samuel Eugene Navy