Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.
Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Alexander, Glenn D
Alexander, Ira Mitchell
Alexander, Leonard C
Alexander, Obid
Alexander, Roland Jack
Alexander, Wilbur Leon
Alford, Donald S.
Alland, Jimmy W
Allbritain, Robert H
Allcorn, Johnny Edward
Allen, Dalton Lee Army
Allen, Donnie Kirk Navy
Allen, Douglas R
Allen, Earnest Warkman
Allen, J. B. Army
Allen, Jeremy Lee
Allen, Osa B. Navy
Allen, Richard F
Allen, Sherwood R
Allen, Tommy Lee
Allen, Walter Ervin Army
Allen, Walter F.
Allison, Doyle L
Allison, Harold Eugene
Allison, J. L.
Allison, Joseph Robert
Allison, Ruel Blake, Jr. Navy
Ames, John Edward
Anable, Alva L. Marines
Anable, Lawrence R
Anable, Lawrence Ray Army
Anable, Ruey
Anderson, Harrell L
Anderson, Marcus A
Anderson, Victor M
Anderson, Walter H.
Anderson, William K P
Andrew, Horace E. Army
Andrew, Jack D. Army Air Corps
Andrew, Joe C. Navy
Andrew, Leland C
Andrews, Albert Sherfield
Andrews, Arthell W. Army
Andrews, Clifford H. Army
Andrews, Denman D
Andrews, Elbert S. Army
Andrews, Harold Ray Army
Andrews, Harvey G
Andrews, Horace Edwin
Andrews, Larry D