Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.
Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Andrews, Thelbert W. Army
Andrews, Wilbert Wilson
Aranson, Saul David
Aranson, Sigmund Joel
Arch, Alexander J
Ardis, Charlye
Ardis, John B.
Armstrong, Albert P.
Armstrong, Billy C
Armstrong, Billy J.
Armstrong, Boyd R
Armstrong, Eddie L.
Armstrong, Edward Allen
Armstrong, Garry E
Armstrong, J. W. Army
Armstrong, Robbie G, Jr
Armstrong, Robert H.
Armstrong, Robert L
Armstrong, William D
Armstrong, William F
Arnold, H Carl
Arnold, Henry Hobson
Arnold, Robert Franklin
Arroyo, Joe Phillip
Arroyo, Magil
Arroyo, Samuel Eugene
Arvizu, Reynaldo Jr
Arwood, Thoma L
Ashley, Alonzo H. Army Air Corps
Ashley, Arthur Edward Army
Ashley, Floyd Gerald
Ashley, Frank R.
Ashley, Harry D
Ashley, Irnau Homer
Ashley, Irvan H Army
Ashley, Jordan Harold, Jr.
Ashley, Perry E Army
Ashton, J T
Askew, Arbry Norman
Askew, James M
Askew, Robert B. Army
Askew, Steven J
Askew, William L
Aston, Ben R
Aston, Clyde W. Army Air Corps
Aston, Sam O.
Aston, Samuel M. Army Air Corps
Atchley, Glenn Howard Army Air Corps
Atchley, James Henry
Atchley, Willis Ambrose Seabees