Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.
Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Bishop, Robert C. Army
Black, Carl B. Army
Black, George William
Black, John S.
Black, Oliver Nathaniel Army Air Corps
Blacker, Samuel Ford
Blackwell, Jack Army Air Corps
Blackwood, George
Blair, Franklin D.
Blair, Ray Henry
Blair, Roy H. Army
Blake, Worth M
Blakney, James Erby
Blakney, Leonard Dean
Blalock, Edward J. Army
Blalock, James E
Blancett, Charles R.
Blancett, George L
Blancett, Horace C
Blancett, J H
Bland, Davis M
Blankenship, Earl
Blankenship, Kirk
Blankenship, Raymond W
Blankenship, W L
Blanton, Charles H
Blanton, Dan W
Blay, Alford Arthur Navy
Blay, Billy Joe Navy
Blay, James Clarence Army
Blay, Kennith N
Blevins, Elbert A
Blevins, Harold E
Blevins, Hugh L. Navy
Bloodworth, Claud C
Bloodworth, Jon M
Bloodworth, Joseph Cyre
Bloodworth, Paul S
Blount, Bascom C
Blount, C. R., Jr. Army
Blount, John F
Blount, Oliver D.
Blount, Willie Frank Army Air Corps
Boase, W. H.
Boaz, Charles Oscar
Boaz, Fred
Bobbitt, Tim L
Boddie, Wayland T
Bodien, Robert M. Navy