Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Battle Star

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Burke, Arnot H. Army
Burke, Kinneth Z. Army
Burke, Merle R. Army
Burton, Leonard T. Army Air Corps
Burton, Troy C. Army Air Corps
Campbell, Cecil C. Army Air Corps
Campbell, Glenn R. Army Air Corps
Carney, Jess K.
Carter, James K. Army
Casburn, Claud E. Navy
Casburn, Richard W. Navy
Clark, John S. Army Air Corps
Clinton, Fred T. Army
Clinton, Roy H. Army Air Corps
Cole, John T. Army
Cole, Lester W. Army
Cook, Albert C. (Doc) Navy
Cook, Thomas L. Army Air Corps
Cook, Troy Travis Navy
Cook, Walter E. Army
Cooper, William Thomas Army
Cope, Orville A., Jr. Army Air Corps
Copeland, James L. Army
Cornell, Leonard M. Army
Cornish, Lionel R. Army
Cox, Herman Haskell Army
Cox, Thurman Paskell Army
Craig, James A. Army
Cunningham, William A. Army Air Corps
Cusenbary, Daniel D., Jr. Marines
Cutshall, Oscar Hall AAF
Dalrymple, Alfred T. (Jack) Army
Dalton, Robert S. Army
Dalton, Roy Lee Army
Davis, Ruel Weldon Army
Davis, Vernon Francis Army
Delong, Marshall Wayde Army
Dickson, Chester Army
Dickson, Robert T. Army
Dickson, William Bert Army
Dixon, Cecil E. Army
Donnell, Hugh L. Army
Downey, Hollis Edwin Army Air Corps
Drum, Richard A., Jr. Army
Dunagan, Freddie Joe Navy
Eaton, Arthur B. Army
Eaton, Bert H Navy
Elliott, Onie C., Jr. Army
Emerson, William J Army
Fields, Tommy W. Army Air Corps