Young County Heroes

They Paid Dearly That We Might Live Freely. Remember Them.

Bronze Star

Name Service Branch Awards and Medals
Reynolds, Walter Lewis Navy
Robertson, Namon S. Army
Rogers, Alton Wayne Army
Schittler, Henry William, III Army
Shelton, Worth Allan "Bill" AAF
Simmons, A. J. Army
Slice, Johnnie F. Army
Souther, Perry D. Army Air Corps
Starbuck, Francis T. Army
Stewart, Robert P., Jr. AAF
Swain, Floyd S. Army
Terrell, George Wendall Navy
Upham, Rupert L. Army
Vance, Harry E. Army
Vann, Kenneth Roy Army
Washburn, George T
Washburn, Jack P. Army Air Corps
Weaver, B. W., Jr. Army Air Corps
Wells, Richard F. Army
Wilborn, lbie F., Jr. Army
Winkler, Zane Stewart Army Air Corps
Woods, John C. Army
Yancey, William J. Army
Youngblood, Eugene V. Navy
Zellner, Jesse Barney Army